Prague and It's Quirks

Prague is a beautiful city with incredible architecture, stunning views and culture that touches everyone it meets.  However, some of my favorite parts of Prague are it's street art, ceramics and shop decorations.  The Czech people are talented and have a great sense of humor when it comes to an opening line or entryway.  


Since this is the year of my business, my photography…my photography business, I have been getting much accomplished to reach the goal of a successful photography business.  Website…check.  Facebook page…check. Business cards…check.   First client…check.  New Camera…check.  Now, blog.  Blogging.  So, for Photography Blog – Day #1, I have blogged.

What I can tell you, if you are new to this like I am, is that I am always thinking about getting ideas out there; thinking about telling my photography story; thinking about how I can help others with these things.  I am constantly hoping that someone will fall in love with my photos and understand my passion for this art.  So, today I begin simply with my hope for this blogging endeavor.  I hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and love it as much as I do.

Today I am heading out to photograph Hort Park in Singapore.  I am scouting locations for my family photography and high school seniors, which is what I have been approached for most lately.  I am armed with my new Nikon d7100, three lenses – my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D, my Nikkor 70-300, and my Nikkor 18-55.  I have yet to master my nifty fifty yet, so most likely will be shooting with my 18-55.  I also have water (because I live in Singapore and it is always hot) and my phone (which I will use to listen to music.)  When I go out to shoot, I like to get into a creative zone, so I have made a playlist that I will listen to that will help me get there.

Find some music that will “put you in the mood.”  If you are trying for a romantic result, listen to something calming.  If you want something bright and lively, bring out some dance or pop.  Think about the result you are looking to achieve before you leave, before you pick up your camera, before you begin editing.  With photography, you need to know where you want to end before you begin.  This will help tailor your scouting session or photo session to achieve the result you have set out for.

For me, I am looking for some classic locations with great texture or architecture to bring out family portraits.  I want pretty, romantic, calm and loving all wrapped up in a location. This is a scouting session so I can sit down with a potential client, offer them options in Singapore for their sessions, provide them with choices.  I am hoping that showing them different options will prove to them that I have done my homework and that I have been preparing for their photo session before they even knew they were looking for a photographer.