Romantic & Family Friendly Hoi An

I know it seems like those two words should not be in the same title for a vacation; however, Hoi An is a Vietnamese destination for both.  Part of the beauty of this place is that even while vacationing with your kids; this enchanting town can disguise itself into a romantic vacation.  The winding streets of the old town are amazingly similar to any European destination and the people of Hoi An seal the experience with a kiss of kindness.  Iconic silk lanterns adorn every street, explode with color during the day and light the pathway for your evening journey.  If the lanterns aren't stunning enough, maybe the encore of floating candles on the river at sunset will have you falling in love with the town, your significant other and/or your family night after night in this magical location.


When traveling as a family, it seems that the biggest concerns for children are entertainment and food.  Hoi An can ease the discomfort of both and put smiles on the entire family's faces.  As for entertainment, there are markets and shopping, but there are also bike tours through the rice fields (flat pathways), boat rides down the river, and Backstreet Academy for those who want to learn a local craft.   The tour company we used was Hoi An Eco Green Tour and they were wonderful.  Our tour guide brought bikes to the hotel, guided us through the rice fields and then brought us back to his home for an authentic Vietnamese meal cooked by his mother!  And if you are worried about eating Vietnamese food every day, don't.  The local cuisine in Hoi An is delicious and you will not tire of it; however, if the kids are in the mood for a pizza, you have many international choices in town as well.


Now imagine this town without your children, whether you don't have them, don't want them, or just need to get away from them.  It has everything a romantic vacation needs to bring a couple together, to add romance to a relationship, or to discover something new together.  You can dine together on a yellow-toned rooftop at sunset or spend the afternoon sipping wine and beer along the river, while people watching or watching each other.  Have some clothing made that you can then wear to a romantic dinner.  Meander through the night market and old town while holding hands underneath the luminous lanterns in the evening.  Take a sunset cruise along the river while the floating candles light the way.  You will fall in love with Hoi An every night and every morning and something beautiful will remain in your heart, even after you leave.