The 50th Floor and Beyond

I spent a wonderful day exploring some parts of Singapore on 1 September 2016.  There is a great group of women in my community that love to go out and explore/learn about the neighborhoods and attractions that have been born in this nation of Singapore.  Plus, I was scouting one of the locations for one of my high school seniors.  On this day, we toured the 50th floor of the Pinnacles at the Duxton.  The building links five towers of apartments with a sections that are used for observation decks.  The 26th floor is for residents only, but the 50th floor is open to the public.  It costs $5 SGD and is worth every cent.  

Not only are the views incredible, but so are the different seating areas and oasis they have integrated into the rooftop landscape.  There are lounge chairs for you to relax on while taking in the view of the Central Business District in one direction, or Chinatown in the other direction.  A structure with chairs and roof - great to set-up for a sunset picnic!  Something that looks like a helicopter landing pad with cement seats surrounding it (comfortable cement seats too!).  And then, a rock climbing structure for those of us who think the 50th floor is the perfect place to play.  

Any which way you look at this building, it is visually pleasing to the eye!  Whether it is rising above the iconic shophouses or looking at the building from below, this architectural beauty is one not to be missed. 

After spending about an hour above the city, we took a short walk to the Singapore City Gallery, formerly known as the URA Gallery, which is across from the Maxwell Food Center.  It is a free museum, you just have to sign in with what country you are from.  The best part about the museum are the two models of Singapore.  One is of the entire island and it helped put the island in perspective.  This little red dot actually has a ton of land, which doesn't seem possible when driving around.  It was also great to see our small community of Sembawang, all the way up north, be included in this immense replica.  

The second model is strictly of Central Singapore, or the downtown area.  It includes larger models of Orchard Road, the Marina Bay Area, The Quays, and much more.  I loved looking at the buildings in this and being able to experience the "bird's eye view" of the downtown.  This model also shows how much they are developing around the area.  If you are interested at all in Singapore and its developing cityscape, I highly recommend popping in.