Annie + Leah - Spruce Mountain

"If anybody can find someone to love them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form."

 - Will Smith

This entire session was not only about creating something beautiful, but about creating an environment where two people would feel that magical feeling of LOVE!  Between the perfect chair from A Love Tale, a bit of thrift store shopping (of course), and their perfectly styled outfits (styled by themselves) - love was in the air!  It was romantic, it was simple, it was a bot of boho chic with a mountain vibe and all together we created something absolutely stunning.  

When photographing couples, I want them to feel comfortable with me as a photographer, but these photographs are about them and who they are.  I have them whisper in each other's ear something they love about each other (and these two had a very long list) and I also ask them to make their partner laugh.  Tell them something funny - and I don't need to hear any of this.  THAT is where the love shows!

If you can't see how in love these two are by the above photos, I don't know what else to say.  They lay together comfortably and smiling because it is home, it is where they belong.  

Annie + Leah both have the most beautiful smiles, but their smiles light up even more when they are looking at each other.  

And if there was a part of the day that I absolutely loved the most, it was all of the laughter!  There are many times when I have to ask people to do a fake laugh, but during this session - allllll the laughter was genuine.  As you will see in some of the other photos, the harder part of the day was trying to be serious.  

True romance here with these two!  And I could not have created these images without the perfect prop from A Love Tale.  If you are looking to build a portfolio of the perfect images, express your creativity, or plan a styled shoot - they literally have everything!  Moving to Colorado has forced me to improve my photography and my images in many different ways (which is AWESOME) and knowing there are resources here to help me do this, has been so wonderful.  

That glance!!!! These details!  I will be starting weddings in a week and I wanted to start practicing photographing the details, because let's face it, the details add everything to the big picture of an image, a setting, or a wedding.  How can I photograph a moment and emotion through details?  

And this is where we tried to be serious.  Apparently, this is Leah's serious face - Leah is on the right.  

Seriously beautiful eyes - both of them!  I would normally say "if looks could kill"  but I think the more appropriate term would be "if looks could love."  

We finally nailed that serious moment, and I love this because they are some amazingly strong women, who love each other deeply, are proud of who they are, and live here in the mountains!

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."

 - Herman Hesse