The O'Rear Family - Fox Run Regional Park

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."

- George Santayana


Families have always been one of my favorite things to photograph because it is slightly chaotic and challenging, but the end result is always the most rewarding.  AND, I absolutely adore kids!  They always show up with their own ideas of what they want from the photo session and it usually involves jumping, gymnastics and a ton of silly faces.  I met this sweet family through the Colorado Crepe Company at Pike's Peak Market and they are made up of mom, dad, triplet girls + an older brother.  They could not be more adorable!  When I show up to a session with children, I am always prepared with something fun to do during the session that the kids will look forward to and a small gift for them at the end.  For this session at Fox Run Regional Park in the Black Forest, we used glitter and attempted to use light up balloons during the session. (yes, they popped! But, there were no tears.)  When the session was over, I gave them a pack of 15 glow necklaces that they could play with at home.  (The dollar spot at Target or the dollar store are your friend here.)

I brought pink, purple and blue glitter to the session, but nobody wanted to use the blue.  I totally thought their son would prefer it, but he wanted to use the same colors as his sisters.  What a sweet boy!  My favorite part about the above pictures, is that mom + dad left his fingernails painted!  This is exactly what childhood is about - playing freely, wearing whatever you want, and letting boys paint their fingernails blue and pink for their photo sessions. 

Sometimes everyone in a photo isn't looking at me or is mid-blink, but someone else in the shot is perfect.  Using some creative editing and cropping is perfectly acceptable because I don't think mom or dad would not want to see these perfect faces.  I like the photos to completely capture our session together and let them see the moments they missed.  Perfectly imperfect is perfect!

Candids are the real moments.  The little sweetheart in the middle trying not to smile with her nose all scrunched up.  Dad admiring his family.  The connections and interactions that occur without posing or looking straight at the camera are the images that bring them back to the day.  I bet mom remembers exactly what her son was saying here and why they were laughing. 

And let them play!  Run around and hug each other and tickle each other and wrestle.  This is where the genuine smiles are hiding.  :)

And these two parents, still very much in love after four children.  I like to have them whisper to each other some reasons why they love one another (it can be anything because I can't hear.)  I also have them whisper something that makes them laugh.  These sessions don't have to be stressful or boring, I want them to be enjoyable and having people communicate to each other, always warms their hearts.

These triplet girls had no problem hugging throughout the entire session - it was so CUTE!  Then their brother hugged them all and then it was time to hug mom + dad.  Hug it out fam! 

As the sun was setting through the trees, we had some incredible backlight for some shots with mom + dad.  Just asking them to hug or kiss mom or dad always makes for a great shot!  But, I personally always love the father and son moments because their height is so drastically different, it is fun to use that creatively.  And kids at these ages look up to their parents (literally and figuratively) so much - parents are their heroes!

But every family starts with the love of two people - mom + dad.  The beauty of this story is that they got married here at Fox Run, so doing their family photo session here was bringing them back to where the love story began. 

Their love story has turned into a family story. 

"A world of possibilities awaits you.  Keep turning the page." 

- Oprah Winfrey