The Seven Chicks - Update

We have had the chicks for about a month now - and unfortunately for them right now, they are slightly ugly.  They have started to lose their fluffy down coat and are slowly growing in their first feathers.  All they do is eat, sleep, poop, peck and poop some more.  However, they are still super fun and they interact with us a lot.  Their personalities are shining through, but they recognize our voices and love to hear us talk to them.  They will each sit in my hand or on my finger for quite a long time without getting restless or jumping off.  Below you will see their ugly progression in their side by side images.  And, even though they are ugly ducklings right now, we love them all anyway.

In order of appearance below:

1. Cluck Norris - She is still leading the pack and quite often gets into pecking fights with his siblings.  

2.  Jim - Her feathers are growing in much darker and she has gotten less feisty.  

3. Bubba - She still freaks out at everything, but will relax when I pick her up and talk to her.  

4. Chirpers - She is one of the friendliest chicks!  She will step into my hand and hang out with me for as long as possible.

5. Steven Bawkings - I think she has changed the most.  Her feathers are growing in much darker and she loves to sit with us.

6. Chickney Spears - Well, she lives up to her name by being a show off!  When anyone enters the room and says hello, she extends her neck to show she is listening.  

7. Sal Monella - She reminds me of the penguin Ramon from Happy Feet!  Heck, I'm just happy I can tell her apart from Chickney Spears now.  

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