Pikes Peak Market

If you have followed me on Instagram, and watched my stories on Instagram, you know I had a meeting a few weeks ago to display my art - and I officially have my photography on display and for sale at Pike's Peak Market in downtown Colorado Springs.  I have to say, a few years ago, I was in awe of people who had enough great photographs to have a gallery opening or display them somewhere for the public to see.  Looking at people's portfolios that had Europe, Asia ,US National Parks, people from all over the world - and I wanted that!  I wanted to have a portfolio full of awesome places, some unique and some of those iconic places, a portfolio showing that I had been somewhere and seen something.  

Well, I have certainly been places and seen so much (but there is more for me to see) and my photography portfolio is something I am proud of - something that makes me so happy!  When I was asked to produce a body of work with 20/25 pieces, I didn't even flinch.  I can do that and how would you like it?  Would you like that body of work by country?  Color? Black & White?  Would you like it by continent?  Do you want landscapes? waterfalls? people?  I have it all - FINALLY.  I have a travel portfolio from four continents, over 20 countries and over 10 US National Parks.  The most difficult part was to narrow it down to find a cohesive theme.  However, I was able to settle on something that I think highlights my style well - "Colorful Southeast Asia."  

One of my photos from Thailand dangling from the beams above at Pike's Peak Market.  The market space is unique + rustic with wood pallets, brick columns, fairy lights and a simple DIY vendor layout.  

The pop-up was a great event last weekend for the premiere of my artwork and I was able to meet many great vendors.  The entire collection of "Colorful Southeast Asia" will be on display at Pikes Peak Market for the next two months.  Additionally, I will be there this Friday for the First Friday Artwalk in downtown Colorado Springs.   Not only has this been a great opportunity for me to show off my portfolio, but I love seeing the photography printed, matted and framed.  When framing my work, I stick to simple white mattes and black frames in order for the viewer to focus on the photograph.  Not only can they focus on what is in the frame, but it also makes it easier for them to picture this art in their space.  If you are in the mood for anything local, natural, organic or a sense of community - come visit Pike's Peak Market anytime Wednesday through Sunday.